Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arts and Crafts! :D

Alright, so it's been a while since I've made a new video. The last one I put out there was the first Unsung Heroes, featuring Krillin of Dragon Ball fame. I'm starting to get a little stir crazy, to the point where if I don't think of something worth filming soon, I'm going to get desperate. That may result in such classics as Watch Weaver Brush His Teeth or, Watch Weaver Surf the Web. As fascinating as I'm sure it would be to watch me fight tooth decay, or try to find out if the guy who played D.J.'s boyfriend on Full House was the same guy who voiced Aladdin (he is the same guy), I think I may have to hold off on those ideas.

 Unfortunately, the latest video has reached a sort of snag. See, the whole thing was a little more complicated than my last few, mostly because I needed more people than just myself. I need all of my roommates, for starters. Problem is, we all have lives and schedules that don't always often sync up. At this point I would say, maybe 85% of it is actually shot. A little bit's been edited. By now, only a few things remain to be put on film, but one of those things is a somewhat tricky, unbroken shot in the style of a classic horror movie I love. To pull it off, it requires a prop of sorts.

See, I need to turn a glove into what is supposed to be a cat's arm, although for the purposes of comedy, it's still going to look like a clearly human hand. Now, I probably could have just found some other, out of I'm sure a thousand ways, to do this. An orange glove, for example? But as it turns out, gloves are very hard to get a hold of in New England in the middle of the summer. Which is like, what if someone needs a glove? Where do they get it? What if they're going skiing, and they have nothing to protect their hands? I know there isn't anywhere nearby the could even do that, but you know.. what if they travelled. Like, out of the country or something. I don't know, fuck off, the point is I needed something to pass as a fake cat's arm, and without any simple solution, I've been forced to make one myself.
What you're seeing here is a pair of kitchen gloves, acrylic paint, glue, and a bag of cotton balls. It's like grade school art class all up in this biatch.
The top-side of the glove with cotton balls glued on. I was proud enough that I needed to capture the moment in time.
And there we have it, finished and painted. Kind of looks like paper machete. That was completely intentional, I swear. I was aiming for less furry, and more clumpy and stiff looking.
Although, I gotta say, the end result works fine by me. Won't exactly look like the finest creation since Stan Winston created the T-800 skeleton, but give me a break. I'm not exactly working on his budget.

 By the way, while I'm throwing pictures up here, witness another corner-cutting, yet cost effective method of mine.
Tripods are for sissies.

 Well, that about wraps that up for now. Hopefully I can finish shooting this thing within the next week or two (or three..). Really, it all depends on the star of the show. As luck would have it, he's been removed from the apartment until further notice due to a slight flea problem.
Be sure to tune in once the problem's cleared up, and you'll have the utmost pleasure of witnessing this little guy verbally and physically abuse me in The Admiral.

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