Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watch Weaver and Shane Talk to Each Other

All there in the title. Shane and I sat down for about a half hour, and just improvised some funny conversation. This is the first video where the editing process was a little more than my boner for jump cuts - there was, believe it or not, thought at work when it came to picking out what to put in and take out. Other than that, it also got my friend Eric interested in making a video of his own with me, which we'll be doing next week, if all goes as planned. 

I think my favorite thing that I heard about this video was, "I don't even watch porn that runs over five minutes long, and that has a money shot. For this, probably the Boba Fett rant." Can't argue that, but it was that comment which made me realize it was a lot easier to keep people interested for the whole video if it was kept at a more reasonable length, i.e. not as long as Watch Weaver on Vacation was. Jesus, what was that, fifteen minutes long? Hold on...

Okay, just checked. 11:53 - almost twelve minutes in length. Twelve minutes of me acting like a complete clown shoe on camera. Nobody needs that.As it turns out, runtime is actually kind of important. I know, who would have thought? People like to laugh, but nobody wants to sit and watch, say, Seth Rogen for three hours no matter how funny he is. 

Lesson learned. 

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