Saturday, August 4, 2012

Watch Weaver Talk About Booze

Moving right along, here's the next video I made, a day or two after Watch Weaver on Vacation.

Ever had one those mornings where you wake up and ask yourself, "Why the fuck do I drink?" That was what kind of morning this was. I woke up with one of those moods on where I couldn't help but feel totally ashamed of myself for getting drunk the night before. So, after I woke up, I wallowed in bed for a few minutes before I got the bright idea to make a video about it. This was probably when I realized just how much I enjoyed the process of making a video, no matter how stupid they might turn out to be. The whole thing, from beginning to end, is just a blast for me.

Like Watch Weaver on Vacation, this whole thing was improvised. Also, this is perhaps the closest I've ever come to just being totally and completely myself in a video so far. Granted, I was tired, and kind of down in the dumps over what I drunk I had been the night before, but I was me nonetheless. Nothing was thought out before hand - hell, I didn't even bother to put on pants. Strangely, a lot of my friends liked this one. Guess some of them just found the subject relatable, while others seem to be entertained by the fact that I talk about booze like it's a real person.

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