Saturday, August 4, 2012

Watch Weaver on Vacation

Here was my first YouTube video, which I did back in June. You see, I bought a camera a few months ago, all with the intention of making silly videos. The problem was, I had no idea what I wanted to make a video about, or how to go about doing so. Oh sure, I had ideas, but no clue as to how I would go about making them happen. I was on vacation from work (hence the clever title), and finally decided to go for it. I had a few funny ideas for it, so I shot it all over the span of an hour or two, then edited it all together to make something resembling a video.

Everything in this thing is improvised, if you couldn't already tell. Also, all of it was done in one take, if you couldn't already tell. Aside from myself, one other person makes an "appearance" in it - my roommate, Mike. He would be the "Nice trousers" guy. I caught him walking in from work, asked him "Hey, do me a favor. Go outside, and when I yell 'nice trousers', you yell 'what the fuck did you say'." Good sport that he is, he just went and did it without any questions. He'll be popping up in my next video, where he'll be voicing a homicidal, verbally abusive cat. I'm totally not joking.

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